Video of BGR’s October 15, 2015 Freeholder Candidate Forum?

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entire freeholder candidate field

Look below: full video coverage of BGR’s 10/15 Freeholder Candidate Forum

Who gets to decide what role county government plays in your safety, recreation, education, health care, & transportation & in deciding the size & shape of half a billion $ of our tax bill?
The Answer: the 7 member Bergen County Freeholder Board

But just who are Bergen County’s  freeholders?  In January of 2016 they will either be the same seven currently selected/chosen ones (click here to see them ) or a board with a different mix of party and policy views than the current Board. The 3 Democratic Freeholders incumbents are competing against 3 Republicans and a Libertarian and Green Party candidate in an election to be decided on Tuesday November 3. Winners of these 3 seats will, however, be selected in 2 separate elections: 1) Two seats will be chosen from among four candidates [Incumbents Tanelli & Zur; Challengers Mitchell & Tyburczy & Siegel) who are running for full-three year terms. 2) One seat will be chosen for the one-year remaining of an unexpired term and chosen from among 3 candidates (Incumbent Sullivan & Challengers Ortiz-Berger & Rohrman).
The 2015 continuation of Bergen Grassroots, Inc.’s series of non-partisan Bergen County Freeholder Candidate Forums was held in the Teaneck Public Library Auditorium on Thursday evening, October 15.  The full-house Forum audience heard from all 8 of these 2015 candidates though only 7 actively participated in the full Forum. (One candidate – unable to attend – sent a statement that was read for him.)

What happened?  Here is how the Record’s John Ennslin reported it. Click here. Bergen Dispatch’s Paul Nichols has two stories click here  and again click here – that includes some of its own footage of the Forum.

We encourage you to look and listen for yourself – which is why we have video recorded the entire Forum event!

Below can be found the entire Forum as captured in 4 video segments: 1) In Segment 1 the Forum is introduced and candidates introduced themselves; 2) In Segment 2 (the longest segment) questions developed by BGR’s Steering committee were first addressed for 2 minutes by the candidate who “drew” the question and then discussed by other candidates [the questions are summarized below]; 3) Segment 3 is composed of questions posed by Forum audience participants and answered by one or several candidates; and 4) In Segment 4 are the summary statements made by each of the participating candidates.  (BGR appreciates the Forum video camera work done by one of its Steering Committee members, Alison Mauro.)

This second video segment which follows is quite long. In it the Freeholder candidates respond to 6 questions. (The candidate who had “drawn” the question gives the “lead off” answer, but for almost all questions the other candidates also participate.) If you do not have time to view the entire segment, you can “go directly” to the candidate answers to any specific question by moving the “timeline cursor”at the bottom of the video screen from left to right to pull the video along to get to a specific time and question.
Here are snap shots summaries of the 6 questions and in parentheses are the times on the timeline that where the question is posed and the candidates answer:Question 1 – Explain County 2015 budget increases and how you propose to control costs (at 3:40 of the segment); Question 2 – How should the County address its heroin epidemic (at 11:45 of the segment); Question 3 – What Freeholders should do to address the Bakken Oil rail train threat (at 21:05 of the segment); Question 4 – Resident awareness of Freeholder work/decisions through simultaneous broadcasting and other measures (at 29:41 of the segment); Question 5 – Freeholder role in increasing Bergen County job opportunities (37:52 of the segment); Question 6 – County Capital building projects: overruns and Leeds/sustainability (46:00 of the segment).

Want to view the 12 key questions asked of – and answers given by – the Freeholder candidates in 2014? then click here.



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