Complete Video of BGR’s 2016 County FREEHOLDER CANDIDATE FORUM

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BGR’s Annual FREEHOLDER Candidate Forum for 2016:
freeholder-candidates-2016All of the Democratic and Republican candidates and one Libertarian Candidate participated in the BGR Inc. Freeholder Candidate Forum held on October 26 at the Teaneck Library Auditorium. Three of the eight candidates will be elected to 3-year Freeholder Board terms in the general election to be held on November 8.
This website now  provides – in 7 segments – video with every word of every answer spoken by the candidates at the Forum. Our own brief but complete matrix summary of key positions taken by the candidates at the 90-minute Forum has been added. (See the matrix description and access guide 3 paragraphs below).  In addition, the Record’s Local  Section lead story on the Forum (10/27), by Bergen County reporter Todd South, can be read by clicking here.
This website post seeks to provide Bergen County voters with a variety of information sources about this important local election to elect 3/7’s of the Board that will make the $1/2 billion  County government budget decisions for the each of the next 3 years and a legislative body that will need to work through a variety of complex issues, most notably how to manage the State’s largest and perhaps most complex hospital, Bergen Regional Medical Center.
Scroll all the way down to find short BGR-developed  bio information about each of the Freeholder Candidates participating in this year’s Forum . You can review the format and questions that were posed at the BGR Forum on the 26th (click here).  We are confident that this Forum has added significantly to the information Bergen voters will have about their Freeholder choices as they enter the voting booth November 8.

Video from the 10/26 Freeholder Candidate Forum

These 7 videos will take you more than 90 minutes to review in their entirety. You have another option – to track either a specific candidate’s responses or to examine the variety of answers given to specific questions  To see this matrix summary which provides you with that data, either click here or scroll to the very bottom of this page. Our goal is to give Bergen voters the complete sets of information they need to make informed decisions about their votes for County leadership.

Segment 1: Candidates, what is your highest priority?

Segment 2: How important is progress on shared services – which shared services are most important?

Segment 3: How best to  inform Bergen residents – immediate freeholder mtg. broadcast?  what else?

Segment 4: How and how fast should Bergen Regional management decisions be made?

Segment 5: 8 Rapid-fire questions that candidates answer ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘yes?’

Segment 6: Audience-generated questions on taxes and higher ed funding

Segment 7: Candidates give final clarification and statements

Click here for the information on this website that explains the role and decision making scope of the Bergen County Freeholder Board as it legislatively establishes and oversees the expenditures of the County’s budget.

For additional pre-election day information – including candidate responses to earlier questions posed to the candidates by the League of Women Voters – click here  and enter your address and then click the box go to my races.  A video of the League’s Freeholder candidate forum, the only other forum scheduled for this year, is available on You Tube (click here). For the Record story on the LWV forum on October 13) click here.

Matrix of Freeholder
Candidate Answers

On October 26 in the Teaneck Library Auditorium 7 of the 8 Candidates for the 3 open Bergen County Freeholder seats, each of whom had seen the forum format and questions ahead of the meeting, responded to those questions.  We have provided – in a matrix – summaries given by each of the candidates to each of the questions.  And should the reader want to watch/listen to the full answer, we have  indicated at what time in each of the 7 segmented videos found on our website, the specific answer is given.

The matrix can be used in at least two different ways to go back to the website videos. If you want to hear everything a specific candidate said that night, you would simply follow that candidate’s statements from to to bottom in his/her specific vertical line of the matrix.  If, on the other hand, you want to see/hear the full question and all or some of the answers given by candidates to it, you would follow the question horizontally. (The list of the 7 segments is also found on this post.)

















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