Videos of Candidate Forum for Hackensack’s May 9 Election

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Scroll down for videos from the only public forum for Hackensack Council Candidates
On Tuesday May 9, the citizens of the City of Hackensack, Bergen County’s largest municipality and its County seat, went go to the polls to select from among 3 complete, 5-candidate slates.  From those 15 candidates, the 5 candidates with the highest vote totals will govern the City for the next 4 years. The largely incumbent Labrosse Team easily swept all 5 seats.

What did those 3 candidate slates stand for and what, in the midst of  a very contentious campaign –  marked with diverse charges, had each promised to do. To help the City’s voters better understand- the 3 slates agreed to an unusual forum on Sunday afternoon April 30, just 9 days before the election. The forum – billed as “Meet the Candidates” was sponsored by the Bergen NAACP, led by its President Anthony Cureton, and took place in the Logan Family Life Center at the Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Hackensack. The Forum’s Moderator was NAACP Member and former Mayor of Ridgewood, Paul Aronsohn. Bergen Grassroots. Inc. had agreed to video tape the entire event and assure internet access foe the Forum’s proceedings.

Each slate had, then, a separate opportunity to – and did – introduce both their slate’s major themes, their assessment of the City’s challenges and how to address them. They also each had opportunity to introduce each of their slate’s candidates.
The entire event resulted in 3 separate video tapes which unfolded over a 2 1/2 hour sequence.  The videos found on this post provides the Hackensack citizen with an unusual in-depth chance  to see, hear and evaluate both the entire slates and individual candidates – absent some of the rancor that has been part of the literature distribution and media coverage to-date.  Bergen Grassroots is proud to have been part of the effort and in particular to provide Hackensack voters with information that may well be important to voter choice.

Segment 1: The Hackensack Strong Slate

Segment 2: The Labrosse Team

Segment 3

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