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BGR  is a community partner for the Freepress’ June 7, 2017 workshop at the Hackensack Library as a part of is continuing effort to promote county and local government transparency through improved community access to local and county news and opinion

BGR in its research and in a series of small meetings is encouraging a dialogue with both the senior management of existing media organizations and with diverse media veterans who are exploring new ways to create or expand avenues (from news print media to internet innovations) that help the public know and understand what our local government  officials (county and municipal) are doing as they evaluate, assign priority and implement public policy. We are very concerned that NJMG is – in both its lack of attention to local developments and its closing of so many newsprint media outlets – leaving Bergen County and particularly its local communities with increasingly inadequate media communication. Since November 2016, by our count, the media group has reduced the number of weekly community newspapers it published from 69 to 41. BGR has explicitly expressed its concern to the most senior people at the new Gannett NJMG.
Are there alternative ways to create and support better media coverage and access to local and county news.  To help find out, BGR will be a community partner in the workshop described in these images. Note, it is advisable to RSVP for these events.


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