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A First: Simultaneous Internet Broadcast of BGR’s 10/24 Freeholder Candidate Forum.
Its still available click here 
2 Republican challenger candidates (John Driscoll & Ray Cottiers) went head to head with 2 Democratic incumbent Freeholders (Joan Voss & David Ganz) in the 90-minute Forum that incorporated several new  elements & elicited some key policy discussions: how well is the County managing; what are/are not Freeholder responsibilities.
See the lead story in Local Section of the 10/29 Record or at New Jersey Media Group’s website click here

That Forum provided the 50+ attendees and the on-line audience  with  insight  into the differences – and some similarities – in a race where information (particularly about policy positions) have previously not been available. The Forum agenda (see agenda box below) after providing opportunity for candidate self-introduction, focused on 8 questions which the candidates drew from a list of 12. Each of the 8 questions was addressed first by one candidate and was followed – in rebuttal or add – by the other 3 candidates. Next a “pop-quiz” of statements to which candidates answered “yes”/”no”/”not a Freeholder issue” yielded a somewhat surprising commonality among the 4 candidates. The last Q & A portion came from 8 written audience questions  that were each directed to a specific candidate.  Overall, Republicans hammered away at the fact that the Board is currently composed entirely of members from the Democratic Party and, they asserted, is plagued with transparency problems on key decision processes; the Democrats readily responded, strongly and point-by-point. defending current County practice and policy choices and indicating where they would seek to extend County successes.

The agenda and question list below can be clicked & copied/printed separately


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