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Additional Preparation Materials for Bergen Grassroots’ Workshop on Government Transparency

BGR’s “What is Local Government Transparency” Workshop

Guide to 4 sets of Transparency Workshop Background Materials

TRANSPARENCY should not be equated with a government’s official website content and the ease of access to its content. That is why we have developed the draft of a broader list of possible questions that residents may want to ask of their municipal governments (see below).  But it is also the case that Bergen County citizens, trying to understand what their local government is doing, typically go first to the township website.

Happily, there is a very good recent study of New Jersey’s municipal websites done by Monmouth College in 2012 and reported in 2013.

Below we 1) first list the web address to that Monmouth study itself where you can readily see how the public policy faculty there went about specifying criteria for evaluating municipal websites; then 2) we have taken those Monmouth statewide results and provided you with the Bergen County “piece” of that Monmouth study – and the results listing the rank among the 70 Bergen County municipalities are startllng; 3) next we list the website where you can click directly to every one of the 70 Bergen County municipal websites; and 4) we find that local media has given increased attention to how municipalities are working to improve their websites. We give you the website addresses of two of those stories to appear in the last two weeks.

1) Where you can read the Monmouth study on line:

2) Where you can see listed the ranking of Bergen County municipal websites. That file is found HERE on our BGR, Inc. site.

3) Now, if you want to visit some of these Bergen County websites:
All Municipal Websites:
Bergen County Website:

4) And if you want to see the discussions of official websites now actively occurring in Ridgewood and Demarest, you can click the stories about them at:

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