Grassroots for Bergen County


Website Committee


  • Charles “Chuck” Powers, Chair
  • Michael Sheinfield
  • Edward Lipiner

Function: Charged with developing and maintaining the website of Bergen Grassroots, as well as creating, producing and delivering our newsletter.

The newsletter can be subscribed to: see our Contact / Newsletter page.

Local Government Transparency and Accountability Committee


  • Sandre Silverberg
  • Edward Lipiner
  • additional members welcome

Function: Charged with further development of the Bergen Grassroots workshop held on August 7, 2014

Program Committee

Members: This committee is still in development.

Function: Organized programs in conjunction with Steering Committee recommendations.

Membership Committee

Members: This committee is still in development.

Function: Addresses concerns of members, recommends member qualifications, seeks to expand and increase membership.

Fundraising Committee

Members: This committee is still in development.

Function: In conjunction with Treasurer and membership, seeks to raise funds to promote awareness of the organization.

Public Relations / Press Committee

Members: This committee is still in development.

Function: Offers press releases, develops and recommends promotional materials.

Outreach Committee

Members: TBA

Function: Coordinates with other like-minded organizations to develop and promote common interests and awareness.


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