Grassroots for Bergen County

When does Bergen Grassroots become involved in an issue?

We become involved in public issues when we believe we can constructively contribute to advancing the discussion and shaping of a public response. Such issues are brought to our attention in cases when the health, safety or welfare of Bergen County residents may be adversely impacted or where there exist opportunities to improve the quality of life in the community at large and the adequacy of public action or inaction is questioned.

Our Currently Addressed Issues

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These issues will likely be augmented by others. As a regular part of its work, Bergen Grassroots will also:

  • Sponsor selected pre-election debates among candidates for office here in Bergen County;
  • And it will regularly provide to all those who are on our email lists (and review our website) notice of when there are issues which BGR participants suggest to us are important or about which our BGR Steering Committee otherwise becomes aware and that are viewed by a majority of the Steering Committee as likely being of interest to those Bergen residents who share our concerns. We may or may not decide to recommend that recipients take specific action or simply inform recipients of the issue at hand.


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